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Genevieve Hannon has been a professional, full-time voice over actor and singer for 17 years! Genevieve has been "The Voice" of 1000+ Television and Radio Commercials in campaigns for Fortune 500 and Most Admired companies, 1000+ Television Promos for Award-Winning Television Networks, and extensively for Corporate Narrations, Medical Narrations, Welcome Videos and Tours, Whiteboard Animations, Explainer Videos,  E-Learning Courses, Telephony, IVR and On-Hold Messaging, Radio Station Imaging, Live Broadcast, Podcast Intros & Outros, Children's Audio Books, Book Trailers and Automatic Dialogue Replacement.  

Born and raised in Manhattan, a native New Yorker from a family of professional singers, actors, portrait painters and a film producer, Genevieve is a classically trained singer, actor, pianist, cellist and guitarist. Genevieve lived in NYC for 40 years and worked for 13 years as a professional, full-time Voice Over Artist, Actor and Singer, as a proud member of SAG-AFTRA union and represented by leading talent agency CESD.

Genevieve's love for animals took her back to school to earn her second bachelor's degree in science and math as a pre-veterinary student and lead her to becoming a part-time veterinary technician in NYC. Thanks to technology granting Voice Actors more independence, she has moved out to beautiful and peaceful Southern Utah where she was a clinic and surgery vet tech for dogs, cats and rabbits at the largest animal sanctuary in the country and where she conducts a full-time VO career from her professional home recording studio, in only a few hours' proximity to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Genevieve also professionally sings and plays guitar and percussion, performing weekly at multiple venues and festivals in Southern Utah.

Genevieve's voice has been described as genuine, natural, believable, conversational, warm, textured, raspy, sincere, trustworthy, fun, wry, comedic, like the girl-next-door, genuine, caring, motherly, authoritative, dramatic and sexy. Genevieve is a warm, friendly, fun, professional, service-oriented hard worker and is known to deliver everything her clients need for the job with the goal to exceed their expectations!



Professional Home Studio and Vocal Booth Outfitted by Aurelex® Acoustics

Auralex Acoustics is the industry leader in acoustical treatment products, including acoustical absorbers, diffusors, sound barriers, construction materials, isolation platforms and complete room treatment systems.

Neumann TLM 103 Vocal Microphone & Shockmount

The Neumann TLM 103 is the ideal large diaphragm condenser microphone for all professional applications requiring the utmost in sound quality. The cardioid capsule, derived from the U87, has a flat frequency response up to about 5 kHz and, above that, a wide flat 4dB presence boost, ensuring minimal coloration, and boasts very low self-noise. The TLM 103 is capable of handling sound pressure levels up to 138dB without distortion. A pop screen integrated into the grille serves to suppress plosives in vocal and speech recording without resorting to corrective resonance effects.

Focusrite Scarlett 6i6

The Scarlett 6i6 is a member of the top-selling range of USB audio interfaces in the world – a range that sells on its sound quality. Precision digital conversion means that you capture the most accurate, best-possible-sounding performance. Focusrite preamps like the ones in the Scarlett 6i6 are widely considered the best in the world. +48V phantom power is also built-in, so you can use any microphone you like, including high-quality condenser types. With dual Focusrite mic preamps and a stereo line input – and a stereo S/PDIF input for digital sources – 6i6 is great for recording vocals, guitar and keyboards simultaneously. The four balanced outputs support up to two sets of stereo monitors, while two built-in headphone outputs with separate volume controls allow multiple recording artists to listen to the mixes they need to get the best performance – all with the lowest latency in the business. The inputs and outputs feature precision 24-bit Focusrite conversion at up to 96kHz in order to get the most accurate signal possible into and out of your computer. There’s no better way of getting the highest quality audio into your computer.

Mogami Gold Microphone Cables

Mogami has been the top choice for wiring professional recording studios for decades. Recording engineers have come to depend on Mogami's superior sound quality, clarity, silent background, and consistent quality. From large recording facilities to small project studios, engineers and artists trust Mogami Gold Studio microphone cables. Wired with Neglex studio quad, this 4-conductor cable offers the highest cancellation of noise and is the quietest, best sounding cable you can buy. Mogami Gold helps cure many of the problems encountered in a typical project or home studio, creating a pin-drop quiet recording environment with enhanced dynamic range.

Shure SRH440 Professional Monitoring Headphones

Designed for professional audio engineers and musicians, the SRH440 Professional Monitoring Headphones from Shure are optimized for studio recording and critical listening. A precisely tailored frequency response delivers rich bass, clear mid-range and extended highs, and the 40mm neodymium dynamic drivers combine with total comfort and durability to provide the ultimate listening experience.

2016 MacBook Pro OS X

The latest 2016 MacBook Pro sports 2.8GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 4.0GHz, 16GB 1600MHz DDR3L SDRAM, 1TB PCIe-based Flash Storage, Intel Iris Pro Graphics + AMD Radeon R9 M370X with 2GB GDDR5 memory, and OS X Mavericks.

Adobe Audition CC Logo.png

Adobe Audition CC 2018

Record, edit, and create audio content with Adobe Audition's comprehensive toolset, including waveform, spectral display, and multitrack. This powerful sound editing program is designed to accelerate audio and video production workflows and deliver the highest standards for audio quality.

Source-Connect Now

Features ISDN-like workflow, low-latency bi-directional audio, Opus Codec from 128kbps up to 256kbps mono and up to 512kbps stereo, chat with guests and get real-time status updates, no other programs required for recording full quality, uncompressed WAV files. Ability to bridge to ISDN systems. Invitation with guest password and Chrome web browser.

ISDN Bridge

Bridges are provided by booking ahead or on a first-come, first-serve basis. Prescheduled bridges are billed at US$35/hour and must be booked at least 2 hours in advanced. Time overages for prescheduled bookings are charged at the first-come, first-serve rate of US$49/hour and can be bumped by other prescheduled bookings. First-come, first-serve bridges are billed in one hour increments for US$49/hour. Once a connection is initiated, the clock will start and you may disconnect and reconnect as many times as you wish within each hour. A three minute grace period is granted before billing for subsequent hours. All bookings use the central time zone.  Other services such as stereo connections, timecode connections, Source-Connect to PTSN phone patches, ISDN dial-out, alternate ISDN codec settings and ISDN to Source-Live bridges are also available.